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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Oh how times flies. Just a year ago Chad and I were hang out on our cruise ship. And today we are busy with school, church, youth stuff and everything else a newly married couple can do.
We just celebrated our one year anniversary. Needless to say it was the best or most exciting way to celebrate our anniversary. We got a phone call on Friday morning and Chad's dad was going to be having bypass surgery done either Saturday or Monday. We got our stuff together and caught a flight to Dallas then drove on to where his parents live. We spent Saturday through Tuesday in the hospital waiting room. It wasn't all that exciting that's for sure. His dad is doing much better. He ended up having 5 bypasses done. We flew back last night and his mom called and told us that he got moved to a room today.
We didn't really celebrate our anniversary. But we were there with his family which is where we needed to be.
On our drive back we ate the famous Chicken Express. This could be called our celebration dinner.

We also tried to help his parents out while we were there. I have proof now that Chad does now how to mow and can work. hehe!

This is an anniversary that we will NEVER forget!


Blogger Demissive, Delivered, Delighter said...

Happy Anniversary my dear!!! I am glad to hear that Chad's dad is doing better. Well, this is obviously my blog and I try to keep it somewhat updated. I love ya Mrs. Melton and miss you tons. We need to get together.

May 16, 2007 at 8:47 PM  
Blogger Lissabeth said...

Haha, Chicken Express is the perfect celebration dinner. As long as it comes with a biscuit and honey! I'm glad you guys have a blog- and happy anniversary.

May 16, 2007 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger emily and kyle said...

You are crazy. I love the pics!

May 17, 2007 at 5:38 AM  
Blogger add said...

it is good to see that chad can mow!!!

May 21, 2007 at 3:44 PM  

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