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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Car, Family, Dog, Family

On April 11th, Chad and I drove to Miles, Tx to celebrate in my dad's parents 60th wedding anniversary. We got right at 5 miles from their house and my car broke down. Just all the sudden, wouldn't go! We had to call my step-mom and get my dad to come get us. So at this point....we weren't sure how we would get back home that night. We had hung out with family for a little while. Then we headed back to San Angelo to get ready for dinner. As we were headed into town we saw a dog on the side of the road basically crawling. My dad stops and turns around to check on this dog. Three of its legs were broken and its back was broken. He was starting try to get up and walk but couldn't do anything. It was actually really sad. My dad called the Sheriffs office and told them the problem and decided to take care of it. dad did "take care" of this poor dog. We got back on the road and made it to San Angelo.

Arrived and ate dinner then at this point, my aunt and uncle told us we could borrow one of their cars until we got ours fixed. Bonnie said she would take care of it. Answer to prayer!
Bonnie called me this week and its the front pump on the transmission that is messed up. Whatever that is gonna cost more than 10 bucks to fix!
Then we drove home Saturday night and got ready for church the next day! Mom and Donnie were in Lubbock because Amy had her baby that week. They got to go to church with us on Easter. But we didn't get to sit with them because church was full! But it was exciting to see every chair full!
We had a great weekend and it was full adventure!


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