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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve

Chad and I did our Christmas on the 23rd. We went out to eat, looked at Christmas lights, and stopped at Sonic before coming home to open gifts. Thanks to a family on the varsity girls basketball team we ate at an extremely nice place. It was GREAT! Then we drove around for a few minutes to look at Christmas lights. I asked to make the usual stop at Sonic to get a drink then we came home and opened presents. We both had a great time of hanging out, opening presents, and then playing the Wii! Here are a couple of pictures from opening gifts.

Then Christmas Eve, Chad woke up and yelling from the back door, "Jodee, Jodee come see this." Granted, its about 7:30am when he did this. I was planning on sleeping till about 9, getting up and getting things gathered up to head to Midland to see Justin, Ashley and their new baby, then head on to Odessa. Our plans suddenly changed at 7:30am. There would be no leaving Lubbock around 11am or for that matter who knew when we would leave. There was a TON of snow outside. It was blowing snow, almost like a mini blizzard. It was CRAZY! I thought we would get a little snow, but did not expect as much as we did. About 11am Chad and I went outside to take pictures and play in the snow, but it was to stink'n cold to be outside long at all. We took some pictures and came back inside fast. Around 2pm we decided that it would be melted off enough to head to Midland and Odessa....WRONG! We couldn't even get to our dumpster behind our house, so we thought we could drive to the church to throw away the trash and then we could also see how the roads were. The roads weren't any better. There were patches of ice and packed down snow. We made the decision to stay home even though we both wanted to see everyone. Decide to be smart, instead of chancing it. Here are some of pictures of the snow!

So instead of driving to Midland and Odessa, we played the Wii and watched movies.....ALL DAY! It was fun, after all this is our last Christmas just the two of us!!!!!!!!!!


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