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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve Eve at the Melton's

Chad and I the past 2 years have gone to eat dinner somewhere nice and then come home and open presents. We did that exact same thing this year. I honestly didn't know if we would get to because I had been working until about 6:30 to 7pm at night. But this week I got off early. By early I mean, anywhere from 5pm to 5:30.
Monday night we went to eat at 50 Yard Line here in Lubbock.

Then we came home and put on our pj's and opened presents. It was a fun night. I made Chad stop after every time he opened something to take a picture. He loved it! Haha!

Pearl actually was calm for little bit during the evening! It was nice!

We had a great evening! It was fun to hang out just the two of us. I've been working alot lately so it was a fun evening!
Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!


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