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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plenty of TIME!!!!

Since we found out we were having a girl EVERYONE started asking if the room was done. WHO DOES THAT? Really, who as soon as they find out what they are having gets the room done? If you (reader) did'm impressed. Our response when we were asked was that we had plenty of time. Apparently to some people (Mom, Heather, Jenny, and the list could go on) its good to have things completely done before the actually arrival of your baby.
Chad is youth camp right now and will be home Friday by midnight....and I am proud to announce that the room is DONE! 5 days before I am to be induced....It is DONE! Finished....Completed...DONE! Give me five or pound it or something. Better yet take me to get a Dr. Pepper at Sonic or ice cream. I should get something out of the deal.
Now not to get everyone's hopes too high....still no bags yet. Why you might ask....we have PLENTY of time!
I go back to the doctor on Monday afternoon and will find out then what time to be at the hospital on either Monday night or Tuesday morning.
Here are a few pictures of the room.....and remember....we have plenty of time!


Blogger Grace said...

So proud of you Jodee. Will asked me where the mobile is...he says that the baby needs one and black and white is best for baby Lillee's vision.... so you just thought you were DONE!

July 17, 2010 at 7:51 PM  

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