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Monday, September 6, 2010

Weezer and Pa

This past week, Chad had the opportunity to lead worship at my school's high school retreat. Trinity High School students and staff get out of town for a few days and have a retreat. They have worship, speaker, and games and just hang out as a high school. This is a great time for the students. They love it! Chad and the guys that lead worship did too. But it took him a few days to recover, he was pretty tired!
While Chad did that, Lillee and I went to see Weezer and Pa. My brother got his son, Caleb to call our parents Weezer and Pa. My family has always called my mom Weezer. So.....when Caleb was old enough to talk...this is what he called them! We LOVE it!
Lillee and I had no plans but to hang out with Weezer and Pa and my grandparents. We got to see one of my aunts and some of her grandkids as well. That was an added bonus! We really had a great time. Lillee did great in the car, she slept the whole way! We go to Robert Lee Tuesday afternoon and left Friday around noon.
Here are some pictures from the trip:

Chad has conference in Dallas in a week so he going to drop us off on the way. So we will get to go back and have some more time with Weezer and Pa!


Blogger emily and kyle said...

Love it!! Weezer and Pa are great!!

September 7, 2010 at 8:24 PM  

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