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Sunday, July 1, 2007


I have spent this weekend painting! I thought in my perfect world, the kitchen, entry way, and living room would have been painting by today. Man I was wrong. Even with 4 hard working college students, we didn't get that far. As of now, the living room is in need of another coat of paint. The kitchen walls are textured and primed. The entry way is in the process of having the wall paper all off. One wall is painted in the entry way and one wall is not. The wall paper in the bathrooms are down thanks to Brandon and Sarah. The living room got painted thanks to Brandon, Sarah, and Rachel. And the cabinets got scrub thanks to Bear and Sarah. The kitchen got textured and primer thanks to me. It really has been a long weekend. Every time before I leave I think to take pictures and then I never do. Sorry. My plan is tomorrow after I get out of class at 5pm is to get at least one coat of paint on the kitchen.
Chad is still at camp in the mountains where the weather is nice. When we talk he wants to know what has been done and how it is going. I keep telling him he better be amazed or at least fake it when he sees the house. I try to explain the colors and he just says, "I trust you and I'm ready to see it and help." He really is excited about getting home and seeing our house.
I never thought I would be the type of girl that needed the approval of others. But doing this house stuff, I feel like I can't make a decision without someone saying yes or no. I have asked many people for help and their opinions. Every time I ask someone what they think I can hear Chad saying, "I trust you." Never did I think that in my life that I would be doing this while my husband is 6 hours away. I'm making the decisions and hoping that he likes it all. That's a scary thing to do.
Tonight when I was eating dinner with the Boyt's, Eric and Val told kept reminding me that it doesn't all have to be done RIGHT NOW. I just got in my head that I have to do this and I have to do it now. But, a house is a process. It takes time and even years. In the long run though it is worth it. This weekend, without wanting to I have learned patience in a whole new meaning!
Maybe tomorrow I'll take pictures. At least I hope I remember this time! Maybe someone should remind me!
Until next time....


Blogger emily and kyle said...

Jodee...don't forget to take pictures.

If I was there...I would buy you a a Route 44...Sonic DP and some cookie dough. Then I'd probably take you to Rosa's to eat.

July 2, 2007 at 9:02 AM  

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