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Thursday, May 31, 2007


We got back from our vacation on May 26th. Gunnison, Colorado was GREAT! We drove to Plainview and stayed at Kyle and Emily Parker's apartment. They weren't there but we stayed there anyways. When we got into town, we went to see Michael Beal. Jennifer had already moved to Dallas and so Mike had turned what we once knew as the living room into his bedroom/living room. I laughed my head off. Chad and Mike didn't see anything funny about it at all. I guess it is a guy thing. I laughed though.
We got to Gunnison on Monday afternoon and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. We bought groceries then and got everything settled in. When we woke up on Tuesday morning it was SNOWING! It was CRAZY! It snowed/rained all day. We didn't do alot that day much less any day that we were there. We played cards, watched movies, hiked, and slept. No lie, it was by far the best vacation EVER! I think I slept 22 of the 24 hours in a day that week. We truly had a very peaceful and relaxing time. We would sit outside in the rocking chairs wrapped up in a blanket and had some Jesus time. It was refreshful.
During one afternoon I was reading in Psalm and I flipped over to chapter 46. There sitting on the porch, in the stillness of the day, I actually understood verse 10.
"Be still and KNOW that I am God..."
How incredible it is when we are , that the Lord speaks dearly to our hearts.
We left there Saturday and niether Chad or I was ready to leave. We loved getting away. We did what we wanted when we wanted. No schedules, no plans....just relaxing.
We also cooked every meal but one. Why? was cheaper and we actually had a great time doing it. We would play a card game and the loser had to cook and clean up. Needless to say...I got to cook ALOT!
It was such a refreshing week. I guess I can see now why we went.

We got back and into the normal Sunday morning. Nothing huge or exciting.
Then Monday. Memorial Day. First day of Lady Mustang Basketball Camp. I was gone all day and Chad was home just recovering from doing nothing in Colorado. That night we ate dinner at the Boyt's house. And we had a great time! I started getting text messages from a couple of the junior high girls that go to Midland Christian. Then I found out what was going on. The Browns. I heard what actually happened and was speechless. They had a car wreck and Conner was killed. Hutton was driving and Bailey was in serious condition. The shock, the million questions, the reasoning, the thinking, the praying all hit me HARD! I hadn't know Conner well until track/off-season. He was the kid that was always cracking jokes with me and the other coaches. Although I wasn't around him much, it was evident that he had the joy of the Lord in him. Then my heart went to Hutton. I pray that he continues to lean, trust, and depend on the Lord. Then my heart broke for Bailey, the pain and everything she must be feeling. The I thought about the family as a whole. How everyone in their family has made an impact on someone somewhere. They are all an incredible family. Why? That's all I could ask. I didn't sleep well at all Monday night. My heart breaks for the family as the deal with the loss of Conner, the surgeries for Bailey, Hutton, and Tod and Lee Ann. I know that they are hurting and slowly the healing process has started. The whole community of MCS and GCRC is hurting. I also know that the Brown's are constantly being prayed over. There is a reason for this but at this moment it looks completely unclear. is being sure of what we hoped for and certain of what we do not see.
The song that comes to mind over and over again is Casting Crowns, "I'll Praise You In the Storm."
Will you? Will you praise Him in or during your storm?
Someway somehow I know the Brown's are.

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