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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Student Life Camp 08

We had an incredible week at Student Life Camp. My family group was AWESOME! I had a total of 12 students and they were only from FBC Midland. We did rec in the morning and then bible study in the afternoon with our family group. Here is all 12 of my kids at rec.

I really was blessed to have a great group. I got to share Christ with 2 of the girls and they came to know the Lord during the week. It was pretty incredible to watch two really hard hearts become soft and broken by the middle of the week. Both of these girls have had a pretty rough pass but now they know the grace and mercy of our Lord!
Our Rec Leader was pretty cool too. Hunter, was actually going to be a senior at Lee when I was the intern at FBC Midland. Chad and I got to see Hunter go through his senior year of high school and have an impact on his peers. He works for Student Life during the summer (this is his second summer) as a Rec Leader. We had a great time hanging out with him and watching him impact the lives of high school students!

It is always crazy at camp. Chad and I never really see each other. Well, see each other but never really get to talk much or hang out. Which is totally understandable because we have a lot going on. This year I did not stay for staffing camp after camp so we went to eat breakfast and load my luggage together the morning before we left. There ended up being a huge line for breakfast so we just sat and talked for about 10 minutes. That was the most that we got to talk to each other all week.
It was a pretty incredible week!
He is God ALONE! All by is HIM!
He is to be in all that I do and not just on top at the top of my list!
He beckons ME! Even when I mess up!
He has it all under control and He doesn't need my help!
He simply needs my faith, trust, obedience, commitment, and all of my heart!
He is MORE than enough!
He is simply ENOUGH!
HE IS.....