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Friday, September 28, 2007

Homecoming, SYATP, Home Alone, and Volleyball

This week was/is Homecoming. It's not over yet! Volleyball game tomorrow morning and the big football game tomorrow at 2pm. It has been completely CRAZY here this week. Everyday was a different dress up theme day. I dressed up a few times but never spent money to get my outfit. The first day was the best. But the rest of the week I was kind of lame in my clothing. It was too much work and of course my kids didn't take me serious at ALL when I looked like an idiot. I do have pictures, but I don't think it would be wise for me to post them on here. They could and probably would be used against me at some point.
See You At The Pole was Wednesday. I didn't make it to the breakfeast. But at 7:30am I took my 7th and 8th grade volleyball girls to the flag pole so they could be there. Then we ran back to the gym and continued with our workout. That night we had the SAW You At The Pole rally at our church. It was really good. Chad was out of town leading worship at a rally. I stayed home all alone! But the one that Chad was it and ours was both really good.
Chad went to our good friends church close to San Antonio and lead worship at that rally. He took Nathan Dillow, Woody, and Brandon with him. I managed staying here and survived all by myself. The boys had a good time though.
Volleyball is still going. I won't lie to has been hard season. I have the 8th grade girls this year. I had the as 7th graders last year. They are doing good. Every game they are improving ALOT! We just can't seem to finish a game. We can't get a good win. But we are done with tournaments on Saturdays! That is a blessing! We are doing good though. I think there are 4 or 5 more games and then on to BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess that is all for now. This week our lives will be kind of slow. No games this week, just youth on Wednesday night!
No big plans this weekend. Just relax and watch football.