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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family and Friends

July 20-26 we were suppose to be in Beaumont, TX building houses. It was scheduled to be a high school mission trip but it didn't make. We didn't have enough students that could go sign up. The seniors have moved on to the college ministry and on this trip the students had to be 16 or older. It just didn't work out this year. I (Jodee) was going on this trip as well. Due to the lack of students...we stayed home! Well, kind of. Chad did. I really didn't the first part of the week.
Since the summer I have seen my parents but I hadn't had the chance to go to Robert Lee. So I did this week! I left here Sunday morning after church and headed to Robert Lee. I got there and my parents had been keeping Caleb for Chad and Heather. I convinced them to let him stay longer so I could hang out with him. When I arrived at the house, he was ASLEEP! He slept for about 3 1/2 hours. Thats too long when I am there! HAHA! We played Sunday evening. I even got to see one of one of the many aunts and uncle's I have. Along with their daughter and her kids (my 2nd cousins....dang I'm redneck! Haha!) It was fun seeing them. I realized that I am old when the oldest great grandkid was born when I was 15 and now she (Jessica) is 11 and will be in junior high this year. Anyways, I got to see them and it is always entertaining. Then we took Caleb to see MawMaw and DadddyDee. It was great seeing my grandparents. (The other day I found the letter my grandma wrote me when I graduated high school, time has flown by.) I let him walk in the water and play in the mud on the way home. Its crazy that Caleb is 18 months and very very independent! It makes me laugh watching him! After the mud and water, we just played in the house. Monday, we got up and took Caleb back to Chad and Heather. Caleb wore his sunglasses when we headed back to Midland. It was funny watching him put them on and take them off.
We took Chad out to lunch for his birthday. We ate at Logan's. It was a very fast and furious trip to Midland. I was glad I got to see my brother though!
Tuesday, we went to San Angelo and shopped and just hung out.
Wednesday morning I had to get up and come back to Lubbock. We had the students over at our house for hamburgers and just hanging out.
Thursday evening we drove to Brownfield to see CJ and Amy and their kids. It was great seeing them and sitting around talking. While we were gone some of the high school students got bored and had fun chalking our driveway and sidewalk. The whole drive was chalked. It was pretty fun the stuff they came up with to draw! Here is a small fraction of what they drew!
Friday we ate lunch at One Guy with them. They are getting ready to move so it was great to see them. They truly impacted our lives while we were all in Midland.
Saturday we had some friends from Midland up for the day! Ryan, Leslie and their newest addition to their family Levi came up and spent the day with us. Leslie, Levi, and I shopped all day. Leslie does a great job of being a mother and still being able to shop! I was impressed. It was fun seeing them and catching up. I hadn't seen them since the first of the summer.
This truly was a great week of seeing family and friends. I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures of everyone. Sorry! But it was great seeing everyone!