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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's getting closer and I'm all alone

Well...the official closing date is getting closer and actually things are still good to go. That is, as far as I know. I got the electric junk taken care of. I tried to go get the water turned on. But we ran into some issues. So once again, our trusty realtor had to save the day. She took care of that issue for me. I am going to buy a refrig tomorrow. I have found "the one" I think. And I might go ahead and buy the rug so I can pick out the best color of paint. That is where I get a little nervous. Chad has left me to make all the decisions by myself. Which is a little scary if you ask me. But he has been constantly encouraging me in these decisions. I have a few ideas of what I want to do, but I need to be reassured. And he is kick'n it at Student Life Camp. Basically, I need someone to say "Yes that would work" or "That's probably not the best idea." I am pretty unsure on the whole color of paint stuff. What is even worse, is that Chad is worse than me when it comes to colors. No, he's not color blind, he's just not sure what color goes with what. So, together it can be BAD! Maybe that's why he is at camp while I am here.
I got a couple of ideas, that I am going to run by one of my friends that is a great decorator. She doesn't know but she is going to have to help me ALOT! Hopefully, she won't mind.
I have been boxing up some stuff every evening. I am getting closer. I can't do too much because well, I still live here. I still need to eat and have clothes and so on. There are about 6 or 7 boxes that are in front of our dinning room table just waiting for some of our college friends to come help us move!
I'm not really excited about moving everything downstairs to get onto the truck. But As a girl, I think the heavy part of the move is going go to be the shoes. I won't have to carry the heavy stuff. But I do know what will be the heaviest for me. SHOES! Not sure whether to throw them in a box or suite case. Maybe I'll get them in something.
The first half of my summer school is stuff is almost over. I had to create a website today. Trust me, it isn't very fancy but, it works for my class. If you are really that bored you can check it out.
Sunday night I went bowling with the college ministry. I didn't bowl, I just went to eat their food! And of course hang out with everyone.

I got to hangout with some cool kids on Monday too. Even got dinner out of the deal there too.
But I really am ready for Chad to get home. There have been a few breaking moments for me. I do think overall, I have done ok. I could do better.....but do you blame me? 10 days for him to be gone is a long time! Sure we have done the 2 days but 10! YIKES! That's alot! I have talked to him everyday, and he said that it has been a great week! And that the students have had an incredible time! Which I have been praying that the Lord would do something that they would not expect. From what Chad has said, it has happened! I'm not gonna lie though, I'm ready to see to my husband!