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Saturday, August 4, 2007


2 monthes ago bought house. This month got a dog. Who knows what we'll get next.
We drove to Abilene today to pick her up. My plan was to get her before Chad got back from Ecuador. That didn't go like I had planned. So we left today about 4:30 and drove to Abilene and got her then came home. We stopped at Walmart to get the food, bed and other things. Now we home with our cute little Min Pin Pearl.
On the 2 1/2 hour drive we decided to think of names. We knew it was a girl but girl names are harder to come up with. We would read signs and say some random name off any sign we saw. One idea was "Sell" that idea came from "We Sell For Less." We thought of Star, Merkel, Bristro, Lady, Girl, and Wendy. We weren't too creative. But Pearl just kind of sounded fun. And so it is offical.....Pearl.
Once we got home we gave her some food and water. Afterwards she walked around the house then fell fast asleep on me.
I always said I would never have a dog that came inside. Just ask my friends from Wayland (Emily, Jen, Mike, Shawn, and Jeff) they will tell you. But now, I don't want to even put her outside. Chad said he would clean up the poop. I'm holding him to that.
Pearl is a pretty cool dog. Small but pretty are some pictures.