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Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 Great Years And Many More!

This past Wednesday, Chad and I celebrated 3 wonderful years of marriage. Our anniversary fell on a Wednesday which honestly isn't a slow day for us at all! We were trying to figure out what night would be better Tuesday or Thursday. Thursday Chad was asked to play in a softball game and he really wanted to play. So we picked Tuesday. He said he would take care of dinner. On Tuesday afternoon he has staff meeting at church. It lasted a little longer than normal on Tuesday. He had already asked some of the ladies in the office about a couple of different places. His plan was to after staff meeting actually decided and call and rsvp at a place. He got out of staff meeting at 4:50 on Tuesday. He apparently was a little freaked out about how to pull all this off. Then it all happened.....
Someone said told him for us to be at the Double Nickle at 7pm Tuesday night. He was little dumbfounded. Apparently you are suppose to wear nicer clothes than what we normally wear. So, my wonderful husband, went to Kohls and bought me a dress! That's right a dress! It was really cute.
He came home in a rush at 6:15 and said, "Jodee, we need to leave here at 6:50." I answered, "huh? Where are we going?" His cute response was, "Don't worry about it. We need to look nice, so I bought you this, if you don't like it or doesn't fit, we can take it back this week. If we need to take it back it won't hurt my feelings." And then he handed me the dress and said he was sorry it wasn't wrapped. I tried it on and go figure it didn't fit. So I put on a different dress and ironed some clothes for him and then left.
We ended up at the Double Nickle Steak House which was the best food I have ever ate. It was incredible!!!!!! I'm not even kidding! When we walked in and Chad told them our names, we went to back of the place in the corner where 2 dozen roses were on the table waiting for us. We ordered our normal Diet Dr.Pepper and Dr.Pepper and even ordered an appetizer. I was a little lost because the waiter wouldn't give us a menu. Not sure why but he told us everything on the menu and we never saw one. Then we ordered our steak and act until I thought we were both going to explode. It was SO good! Then came dessert. I was little lost cause we didn't order it. The waiter just brought it to us and brought me my favorite...CHOCOLATE!!!!!! We could only eat 2 bites and he boxed up the dessert for us. Then he told us we were free to leave. But we never saw a check. That's when I realized someone had blessed us! Someone had paid for our meal. Chad said that he was told to be here at 6:50 and that everything was taken care of.
How amazing that someone would set up our anniversary dinner for us. It was amazing! The flowers are still on the table and still look great! It was a great dinner.
After we got done eating we went by to look at that house. And then to the apartment to watching all of our TV shows that we had recorded. It was a great day!
The more I look back over the just the past year I can see how much we both have grown spiritually. When we continue to grow spiritually our love for each other only grows more and more. I say this every once in awhile to Chad, but I am finding more truth in this little phrase, "I love you more today than I did yesterday." It's true! I can't wait to see where the Lord takes and what He does in and through us in the next year of our marriage!
I love you more today than I did yesterday Chad!