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Monday, September 3, 2007

Zoo, School and Porch

Last weekend before school started Chad took me to Fort Worth to the Zoo. We had LOADS of fun! No lie. It wasn't too hot either. It was a fast trip but totally worth it!

School started. That means life is busy! I have 3 completely different classes. And basically I stay behind in lesson plans and the whole works. But I'll make it. I'm ready for basketball. No lie!
This weekend Chad and some other boys destroyed our back porch to put a new one up. This one will have a roof. As of today at 3pm they had issues. At 7pm they are actually making progress. It won't be done tonight like they thought it would, but they will have made some big steps. One of the guys is married, his wife and I hung out. We got out of the way today for them and went and crashed a 10 year old girls birthday party. Way fun!
Tomorrow school and so on.
Oh yea...Chad turned the big 27. As of now, he is as close to 30 as I am 20. Basically, his old. I made him a cake and bought him a couple of cd's. He isn't big on having a party so we ate his favorite meal and watched House!
My junior high volleyball team won their first game. It was all me. Not really, but I did look cute! haha!
I guess this is a short blog but full of insightful information! Yea whatever!
I forgot a funny story. We haven't paid a gas bill since we moved in this little house. Friday our water was cold. Didn't think much about it. Saturday is was really cold. We checked the hot water heater and realized it is gas. We haven't paid a gas bill remember. So we have no hot water. Not sure how we had hot water up till this point, but we don't have it right now. They can't come turn it on till Tuesday. This long weekend we haven't had hot water. So we just haven't showered. Not really. We went to some friends house and used hot water and loved it! Rookie home owmers.....gotta love us!
Ok I'm done. I'll try to update sooner next time!