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Friday, June 22, 2007

Soon to be Home Owners

There has been a little bit of drama in our lives this week. We got a call on Monday from our realtor saying that the people that are in our soon to be house are refusing to get out. They are renting and told the owners they weren't leaveing. The renters said they were going to court on Friday (today).
Chad and I freaked out! We have to be out of our apartment by July 8th. Chad will gone when we close so we are moving as soon as he gets back. But at this point, if the renters don't get out the we have no place to live.
We called my dad who is lawyer and he talked us through everything. I stressed I left to go get my hair cut.
So on Tueday the owners went to see a lawyer and then to talk to the renters and on Tuesday they agreed to get out by Thursday. Chad and I honestly thought this was all talk from the renters and that they really wouldn't be out.
Wednesday night about 11pm we get an email from our realtor saying there is a moving truck at the house. We had just got into bed. Chad and I decided we need to check this out. We then got out of bed and drove by at 11pm and sure enough there WAS a moving truck and they WERE loading it up! We drove by again Thursday at lunch, during the afternoon, and late at night. And they really were MOVING out!!!!!!!! We both were really excited at this point.
Friday we got a call and our realtor said that they were offically out! The house was in good shape. The owner is having it cleaned.
So, we are set to close Friday the 29th at I think 9am! That's kind of early, but the earlier we close the earlier we get the keys!!!!
As of now it is offical that in a week from today we will close on a house and be home owners!
Who wants to come help paint?