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Monday, December 1, 2008

Wee Little Christmas Tree

Not that you can really tell....but this is our small cute little Christmas tree. Chad and I went to Hobby Lobby tonight to buy it. Christmas isn't the same without a tree, so Chad let me get a small one!

Life is good for us. We are enjoying Lubbock. Its been pretty cold here, at least I think so.
My parents came up this weekend. It was good to see them. I worked the Tech football game. Yes, that's right I was forced to wear red and black. Chad almost kicked me out of the house. He would have if I wasn't getting a pay check! I was there Saturday 11:15 till 6:15. I saw the Watson's from Midland, so that was good. We are actually hoping to watch MCA girls play tomorrow night at Frendship. If I don't work late, we will be there!
The past couple of days at work, I've realized how comfortable I was at Midland Christian. I was surrounded by Godly people that I worked with and that I worked for. It was very easy to be comfortable in my walk. Easy to blend in. Easy if I wasn't in the Word and my biggest problem was that a student didn't say, "No thank you." Now, I have realized how vital the Bread of Life truly is. And how so often in my life if I sat with it for a few minutes a week, I was "good." God is teaching more and more about daily remaining in Him. Too often in my life I've been comfortable in my walk. At this point, I am realizing that when I am comfortable, I am actually a useless believer. I must be (as Chad said Sunday in youth) at STUDENT OF THE BIBLE! Taste and see that the Lord is good....once you taste it, you only want more. It is my desire that I constantly long and thirst for the Word of God. I want to be a STUDENT OF THE WORD!