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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today is Saturday and I'm just now posting this because it was a true Monday for me.
I stated off basketball camp Monday. I was thinking I would only have about 20 kids. I was WAY wrong! I ended up with 42 kids. The first session started at 8:30 and ended at 10:30. The next session started at 11:00 and ended at 1:00. Because I really only thought I would have a total of 20 I didn't get anyone to help me. This is how the Monday started off. So I camp ended at 1:00. I had some errands to run. And then I had to go back to school. I headed home around around 3:30ish from school. I had to drive Chad's pickup because my car was starting very well. Anyways, I'm headed home on Midkiff and the Loop when I get rear ended in Chad's pickup. It put a bigger dent in the bumper than what I did when I hit him three years ago. Calling Chad was NOT an option. So I thought I would just text him. As soon as I sent it, I my phone started ringing. It was Chad. I told him what happen and he was ok. I thought he might have been a little mad. But he wasn't! I made it home with no other major events.
It was a pretty rough day. 42 rear ended. Not too exciting!