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Friday, August 10, 2007

12 more years....

I, Jodee, have decided that it going to have to be at least 12 more years before we have kids. Getting a dog only comfirms this idea.
Here's the run down...
We brought Pearl home on last Saturday. She totally didn't sleep at all that first night (or the second, third, fourth, and so on....) To top it off she pooped in our room during the night and whimpered ALOT!
It has been a week now, she is getting better about going to the bathroom outside. During the night I still hear her. And for a small little dog, she can make ALOT of noise.
When we do put her outside, you would think by the sound of her that we were killing something. It is bad! We take turns who puts her in the little dog house when we leave cause she whimpers SO loud. She has started sleeping through the night but still leaving her mark in our room during the night.
Chad and I play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who has to clean up the poop. Let me just say that Chad has been cleaning up Pearl's messes very well.

Today was not such a good day with Pearl.
Here's how things happened tonight....
4pm...wet the couch
8:15pm....wet the blanket that was on the couch
8:16pm.....Jodee whipped the dog
8:17pm.....cleaned up th blanket
9:37pm.....threw up in the chair and on me (jodee)
9:38pm.....Jodee almost threw up
9:39pm.....Chad cleans up the dog's throw up

Just when I think things are getting better and she is going outside more the throw up happens. YUCK! Nothing like sitting next to a little mound of dog puke and it getting on your jeans.
After Chad cleaned up the mess he told me, "I'm not ready for kids, we can't even handle a dog." My response, "AMEN, 12 years buddy."
Even though I have heard of many of my friends from Wayland that are now with child, we are NOT ready! Congrats to all those of you including Chad and Heather.....we are not ready.
Like my husband said, "We can't even train a dog, how are we gonna handle a kid."
All I say is 12 years.....12 years.......