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Monday, July 23, 2007

Servant Life

I got an email on Friday night from Chad and he said they had made it to Ecaudor. I found a blog that Student Life has set up for the teams that they have out. If you go to then click on Servant Life. Once that site has come up click on Ecaudor in the middle of the screen. So far there are two postings from CJ about the group. I don't think I will hear anything till Saturday or Sunday from Chad but I know they are updating the blog at Servant Life daily. At least, I think they are trying to do that daily. Just thought some might want to see what is going on and how you can pray specifically for them.
As for me...Chad and Heather came in this weekend. We hung out and celebrated my brothers 27th birthday Sunday. I got the bathroom painted. It looks good!
The bad news is in ONE month school starts!
The exciting news is 4 more days of class and 6 more days till Chad comes home!