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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're in

All day Friday Chad and I moved the little stuff. Basically that means, everything that we could carry by ourselves. By the time we were finished the only thing left in the apartment was the furniture. We got all the little stuff done about 9pm on Friday. My brother and his wife got into town and they helped us with the last load. Once we got the house Mom and Donnie showed up. We unloaded the last part and then went to eat.
Saturday Brandon, Micah, Nathan, and Matt helped moved the furniture. They got it loaded and unloaded in an hour and a half. I thought they would be done fast but not that fast. We got all that moved in. Mom and Heather (sister-in-law) put up the kitchen. Donnie was working in the bathrooms. Once all the big stuff got here, we put things back in order. Beds got put together, shower curtains got hung and clothes got put up.
We worked late Saturday night and our house is pretty much in order. However, there is nothing on the walls and I just now got one of the bathrooms textured.
Judy (Chad's mom) was suppose to come this weekend, but when Chad booked her flight he did it backwards. So.....she is not going to come this weekend. They plan on coming out in August sometime.
So hopefully we'll get the bathroom painted, decorations up and maybe even actually have food that we can eat! And maybe this weekend I'll get some pictures up of the house!