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Monday, October 20, 2008

Wrap and box...wrap and box

"Wrap that."
"Trash that."
"Keep that."
"Can we please throw this away?"
"Where's the tape?"
"Where's the marker?"

These phrases are what Chad and I have saying the most. We are in the process of boxing up our house. And we are moving into an apartment so it will be a little of an adjustment. But we are excited. Our house is a mess. boxes are moved into the garage. Two rooms empty. Kitchen and our bedroom is pretty much what we have left.
Here is our progress so far!

Next time I post, we will be in Lubbock!
Bonus to Lubbock:
1. New York and Company
2. Guitar Center
3. More snow
We are excited and ready! It will be a change but it will be a fun adventure!