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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moving to Lubbock

That's read the heading correctly.....we are moving to Lubbock. I haven't blogged lately just because we haven't had a chance to just sit! So tonight's the night to catch you up on our lives. (This shouldn't take long!)
We went to Lubbock on September 19-21 inview of call at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church. Chad first started to talking to them around the middle of July. I guess we both never really thought it would happen. We love it here in Midland. We have/had great jobs, incredible friends, and a great church. We went to up to Lubbock the weekend before school started for me and meet with the committee and had a great time just talking with them. Then they called Chad and he went back the first week of school. Both times went extremely well. They then decided to ask to us to come inview of call. Basically that's the last step. So we went up and on September 21st, they voted us in 197-0 Sunday night. They run about 800-900 on a Sunday morning and 120-150 youth on Sunday mornings. We are really excited.

This is the house we stayed because it was Parents Weekend at Tech! Thanks guys!

Going to meet all the staff!

We are packing up on Oct 21-22 and loading/driving on the 23rd. We are actually leaving Monday after lunch to go see our families. We will stop in Robert Lee for 3 days and then head to see Chad's parents in east Texas. We will be back Monday on the 20th and then start packing! Leaving our friends is literally going to be the hardest part. We have meet some incredible people here. This is our first big life changing decision that Chad and I have made since we've been married. It is excited but yet it will be hard. We have invested in student's lives and they have invested in our lives. Adults have poured out to us and families have taken us in and loved on us. They have fed us and we all know that we love to eat! We have some strong friendships here. Just typing about them and different friendships running through my head brings tears to my eyes. I have only thought about leaving not moving. There will be some people that we will never see again. When I think about it....I realize how hard tomorrow really will be. Tomorrow (Sunday) is our last day at FBC Midland. It will be hard leaving. Students that I know I will probably never see again and always wondering and thinking about. From the summer of interning, to Chad and I dating, our engagement, marriage, and now our first 2 1/2 years of ministry as a family will be over at Midland tomorrow. That is hard to think because of relationships. I DO know that God has something amazing waiting for us in Lubbock. I am sad to leave, but excited to see what and how He will use us and work in and through us.