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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to Mountains with the 2nd Family

This past weekend, we were able to enjoy the mountains from New Mexico. My dad and step-mom have bought a condo there. We left here on Thursday around lunch and got back Saturday night. CJ and Amy went with us. We had a great time of just hanging out and eating good food!
Amy had actually found bracelets that said "Best" on one and "Friends" on the other. They were actually in the shape of guitar picks. She bought them and CJ gave one to Chad and he kept one! It was really funny! Then two dorks, actually put them one and we took pictures. It was picture perfect!

After we laughed about the bracelets, they had actually made us a photo book on Shutterfly. It had pictures from the time that Chad started at Midland till now. It was really cool. We called it "The Yearbook." It is a great idea and we have sat and looked at it many times! Chad and I were talking the other day and we are slowly realizing that it is going to be hard to leave CJ and Amy. They both have had a huge part in our lives. Hello, they hooked us up! We truly will miss them!
When we were at the condo, we could feed the deer and they could come about 4 feet from us and eat. We put out corn for them and they would eat right in front of us. It was a pretty cool place to have our Jesus time.

On Friday Chad and CJ played golf. While they did that, Amy and I walked around downtown and shopped. It was great to have a girl to shop with. We walked down by the river and I took off my shoes and walked in the water. It was cold. But I did that when I was little and we went backpacking through the mountains. I thought it would be fun to do again, but it was stink'n cold!

Then we ate downtown and we took a picture by a wooden indian. It was not Chad's favorite thing, but he did it!

Overall, we had a great time and really enjoyed hanging out with CJ and Amy!