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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Stuff

So we have almost been living here a year now in our little house. We have really enjoyed it. We like our house. We like our own place and love having people over eating, hanging out, playing Halo, and staying with us. It has been good! But since we have been living here our internet connection has been crazy. When Chad is playing Halo, I can't be online. When we are both online it is really slow. We can't really watch videos on You Tube or anything like that at any point because it takes 10 years to upload the videos. So tonight as the guys are here hanging out they start AGAIN trying to fix it so they can all play Halo. Well....after many times of taking to our media minister and other people, they decide to call Sudden Link. A good idea! So the guy at Sudden Link basically says they show that we have never moved and our "high speed internet" is still at Windtree Apartment #2109. Those people are lucky! Anyways, the guys does the stuff to show that we have moved and now I am online while Chad is playing Halo! YEA!!!!!!!!!
A few days ago we went to eat dinner with some friends. I took a few pictures just for the fun of it. We hadn't pulled out the camera and taken random pictures lately. So we did! Don't judge me!

Chad, Heather, and Caleb are OFFICIALLY moving to Midland! YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I'm married to a Chad and my brother's name is can be crazy at times!*
Chad (my brother) started his new job on Monday. So Heather and Caleb came as well. They haven't found a place to live as of now, but they are looking. So they are staying with us! Which is fun because I get to see Caleb alot and hang out with Chad and Heather too! I've gotten to play with Caleb every morning for a little bit.

I've been going to work at 1pm so all morning we've been hanging out. One day Heather, Caleb and I went and drove around looking at apartments! Another day I hung out with Caleb while Heather went to look at apartments. It has been fun! We've really enjoyed them being here and staying with us!
Oh morning on Chad's day off a few weeks ago, he decided to make an omelet. He offered to make me one. I said, "No thanks!" Growing up Donnie made the best omelets every and I wasn't real sure Chad could pull it off.

Um....I was right! My scrambled eggs were really good!
This is the our, huh?