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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This is the no lie this is the third time I have tried to upload pictures and even add a new post. I have either been distracted or just straight up messed up. So hopefully this will work this time.
We are in the house now. I have had some issues with finding things. But honestly I'm ok with looking for them. Either Mom or Heather put up something that I have been looking for and I have a hard time finding it. But if I knew where everything was that would mean that I put everything up and I would still be working on that part. But I am shocked as to how in order our house really is.
My next thing is to paint the guest bathroom. Judy (Chad's mom) isn't coming. Chad booked her flight for her and did it backwards. So, the plan is for her to come in August sometime. Hopefully, I'll get the bathroom done by this weekend.
I start my classes again tomorrow. Really not too excited. I get confused when I think about this summer, because I really haven't had a summer. I have been in class 8-5pm all of June and now I start again! Not my idea of a fun summer. But I know this is the best time to do this. So....I'm trying to get through it.
We had some college kids over last night for dinner. I got everything out and then left and made a Hobby Lobby run. I went to the real store unlike John Randles....inside joke but some will understand. So I bought some decorations I have been checking out for sometime now. They were 50% off so I just bought them.
Anyways......yesterday afternoon I made some pies for dinner tonight! And they were good! So......for those of you who doubted that I could cook....YOU'RE WRONG! I can! And I have proof!