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Friday, October 31, 2008

LBK-We're Here

We are now Lubbock residents. Its official.
The moving truck loaded us last Thursday at 9:50am and by 11:40am the truck had left and headed to Lubbock. By about 4:30 the truck was done unloading us into our apartment. Chad came with the truck and I stayed and cleaned the house. I left the house by 3pm and drove to Lubbock with Pearl. Once I got here, we put the bed together and got cable running to the TV and sat down. We were dog tired! Friday, Sarah came over and helped us unpack the kitchen. Sad day, I left 2 boxes packed full of kitchen stuff and it is in the closest because we don't have much room. A 2 bedroom is smaller than a 3 bedroom house, just so you know. But...we like it our little apartment. Sorry I haven't taken pictures of the place but they will come, soon!
Last night (Thursday) we had some of the seniors over and we just sat around talked. We are excited to be here and start things at the church. Chad has hit the ground here running. Disciple Now is in 2 weeks and there is still some work that needs to be done. Deciding on camp and then there is the ski trip that is in December. Needless to say, Chad has been busy. I haven't really looked hard for a job right now. I am starting to get a little more serious about it though. I have been this week getting the apartment done and have been at church a couple of days just helping Chad with different things. So that part of not having a job has been good.
Tonight we have the Fall Festival at the church. Saturday is the big game! Go Longhorns! We might be going to Game Day tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn! Chad wants to go and I said if he really wanted to...I would go too. It will be early and cold! Saturday afternoon the Mehringers are coming to town for the game. They have tickets to the game but we will watch it from the comfort of our apartment...unless we are lucky to get some tickets for free or dirt cheap!
I'll put up pictures later!
But we are here!