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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caleb Walker

I got the joy of seeing my family this weekend. I got into San Antonio on Thursday and stayed with Chad, Heather, and Caleb that night. I played with him, bathed him, feed him and of course spoiled him. Ok, not really how to spoil a 3 month old. But I did enjoy Friday morning when I kept him while Chad was at work and Heather was taking a test. We managed really well in fact. I had a great time and I enjoyed being there with all three of them!

Disciple Now Leader VS Disciple Now Wife

The question for the day is:
Is it better/easier to be the wife of a youth minister during Disciple Now weekend or be a small group leader during Disciple Now weekend?

The Leader:
1. stays up late
2. never sleeps
3. hangs out with a small group the whole weekend
4. as much Dr.Pepper and oreos as you can eat
5. nice host home family
6. doesn't sleep in their own bed
7. really doesn't see the husband during the weekend

The Wife:
1. runs around for the husband
2. sees all the girls at their houses
3. eats everyones food
4. gets Dr.Pepper wherever she goes
5. sleeps in their own bed
6. doesn't stay up AS late
7. really doesn't see the husband during the weekend tell me which one is better. Both sound good and both are decided.
I've done both....both are hard....both are decide!