The Melton's

Invest and Impact

Sunday, October 7, 2007


This week was a little slower for us. No volleyball games, no evening was just us.
Just a little update.....Pearl, our dog is bigger. We haven't hurt her or left her. Nor have a I put her somewhere and left her there by accident. I have proof she is still alive!

We went over on Friday night and had dinner at the Mehringer's house. I had been a while since we had done that so Kim invited us all over for REAL food. We had steaks and corn and mushrooms. I didn't eat the mushrooms but the steak was good. Jane started the food but then we got the guys to do everything else and we just enjoyed talking and catching up. We hadn't had time to hang out with them in awhile. We were there Friday night till 1:30am. The guys then decided to play Halo3. I laid in the floor and sleep. I slept good till Chad woke me up and took me home.

Chad made a big purchase over the week. No not a TV like I told him to get the whole time. He bought a Xbox360 and Halo3. He has an addiction. He is playing all the time. He was up till 1:30am every night this week playing. He is teaching me how to play Halo3. As of now.....I'm not very good. He is playing at this very moment. He really does have a problem!