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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Today, I (Jodee) got up before Chad did and got ready for my first day of classes. Chad, continued to get his beauty sleep while I got ready for the day. I left the apartment and headed off to my first day of classes. I am going to be getting my teaching certificate in tech apps this summer. Basically, that means NO SUMMER! NO SLEEPING LATE! NO DOING NOTHING! NO POOL TIME! NO HANGING OUT! NO WATCHING MOVIES ALL DAY! NO SPENDING THE DAY WITH MY MOM WHILE CHAD IS AT WORK! But most importantly.....NO SLEEPING LATE!
I will be in class from 8-5pm Monday through Thursday all of June. Then in July 8-5pm for 3 weeks. I'm not excited at all about this.
I left for school, Chad left for VBS. Chad played with kids, I played on a computer. Chad had fun, I had work. Chad got to hang out with friends, I got to hang out with a computer. The day just wasn't fair at all.
I would much rather be sleeping and going to pool with some of our friends. Like the Boyt girls! Who wouldn't want to hang out at the pool with these 3 cute girls?

I think I'll make it. Maybe...right now I'm not sure. 2 more days of getting up early this week!
The Little Engine That Could said it best......"I think I can, I think I can."