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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life After Camps.....

Well.......summer is almost over and we are done with camps. Student Life Camp, Staffing Camp, GA Camp, Basketball Camp, Children's Camp.....I think thats all of them.
Chad has been busy with the normal summer youth stuff and I've been at the pool. Pool life is good. 1pm till 8pm gets pretty old REALLY fast.
Inservice starts next Monday. YUCK! I'm not ready for school at all. Although I do have an assistant coach for basketball. Ashley Walker moved to midland the end of July from Alabama. She will be teaching math, 6th grade computers, and study hall. She will be coaching JV"b" volleyball and JV basketball. She will probably help with junior high track as well. Its been fun having her here so far. She has ate with us and just come over randomly too! I'm excited and think that she will be HUGE for ALL of our girl sports!
But I guess that is all that we have been been up to.
Until next time......