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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still at it...

It will have been 2 weeks on Saturday since we started our guest bathroom. And we still haven't finished. Our problem now is that we are not home long enough to do anything on it.
What is bad is that we had some friends over last week and the bathroom was destroyed. The pot worked but there was no door. I thought about making them use that bathroom. But since I have such a small number of friends I thought I should at least give them a door on the bathroom. So I nailed up a sheet.
Just kidding! Our bathroom was become everyone's bathroom! haha!
Chad has been at Staff Retreat most of the week. Since he was gone, I sure didn't hang out here at the house by myself much. So I didn't do much on our little project.
Tonight we made HUGE steps for us. What is scary about this deal is that I actually know how to do more of this than Chad. We had plumbing issues for the longest time in the bathroom. Chad and Micah Hoke spent all last weekend working on that. Needless to say, that took longer than expected. They got that done and it took awhile.
Tonight after school and work we put up sheet-rock and that was harder than expected. We talked to man at Lowe's and talked us through it.
We started working tonight at 7pm and stopped at 10ish. We had to cut two pieces and then half moon a hole because of the drain that goes on the sink. So......we got it. We are now offically one step closer to being done!