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Monday, March 16, 2009

That's dirty!

So I have had two experiences over the past couple of weeks that were DIRTY! I mean really DIRTY!
One of the experiences, happened last Sunday morning. Because of time change, IABC didn't have small groups that morning. Instead, we just had the worship services and the deacons cooked breakfast for the whole church. So you could eat in between the two services and then go to the early or late service. Chad and I got to the church around 9ish. Which is late for us! But we got there...walked around...said hi to everyone. We then decided to eat with some of the junior high guys. (mistake one...just really!) We talked with them in line and then we were headed to sit with them. It took Chad and I longer to get to the table because we were still talking to everyone. Or I was talking to everyone. Anyways...we have our plates loaded with food and are headed to sit with 4 junior high guys. We get about 8 feet away from the table and all but one guy got up from the table REALLY fast and walked away. There is now, only guy at the table leaning over his plate. No one tells us what happened until now I'm 3 feet away. The only guy left at the table is still there at the table hovering over his plate still.....he grabs a napkin and then runs out of the building. I am left, about 3 feet away, and see it......his plate. He had taken one bit of his breakfast and then "something" happened and it all came right back up. There was more food in his plate now after this adventure than there was before he sat down. So now, Chad and I set our plates down on another table. Chad walks outside to check on him. My eyes are watering now and I'm gagging and starting to smell it. YUCK! I decided to go to get the trash can. Wheeling the trashing back to the table, I start looking for a MOTHER! A lady that has been and done this! Lucky for me, nobody is insight. One lady stops me on my way and asked me, "Are you ok?" HECK NO I'm NOT OK.....I'm about to clean up an 8th grade boys throw up! I tell her the story and she says, "Oh, I can't help ya I'll be throwing up too." And once again in my head I say...LOOK AT MY FACE, does it look like I can handle this? She walks away and I go grab the plate with my eyes closed. How is this going to work? No idea...just in time one of his friends comes over and grabs the plate real fast and throws it in the trash. Thank goodness I didn't have to touch the plate. I had my shirt pulled up over my mouth so I couldn't breath it in as I wheeled the trash can back over where it goes. I got a couple of weird looks but I didn't care. Either weird looks or me throwing up too......I pick weird looks!
The other experience happened today to be exact. The joys of apartment life....ok not really. Every once in awhile when we were in Midland our sink would back up and they would have to come fix it. The same thing was happening here in Lubbock. Chad ran some water this morning and it wasn't draining at all. Or just took FOREVER to drain. I told him we should call the apartment office and they can come fix it. He decides to see what the problem was. He pulled out the drain stopper and it was DIRTY! There was all kinds of long brown hair (Chad says like mine) wrapped around it I was gagging again! Chad told me it was my fault and I refused! HaHa! I know it was mine but I have already cleaned out another drain since we lived in the apartment. So it was his turn. I was gagging as he pulled it off and threw it away. It was nasty!
I just wanted to share with everyone my dirty experiences!