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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Basketball, DNow, and Everything Between

Basketball is over and has been since Feb 8. We played our last game in Lubbock against Lubbock Trinity. The first time we played them we got beat by about 50. When we played thenm on Feb 8, we got beat by 19 and we were within 6 in the 3rd quater. That is pretty impressive when you are talking about playing against Lubbock Trinity. They live, breath, and eat basketball. When they play, it is evident. But we played our guts out and had a great game. After the year that we had it was a good way to end the season.
The weekend after our last game was Disciple Now. It was a good weekend. It was different being the wife instead of being leader. But it was good all in all. No idea how many kids. I hung out at some of the girls houses and that was really entertaining. It was a good weekend.
Now junoir high track has started. Chad took off to Houston for a Student Life Conference. Brandon Horner, Paul Brand, CJ Malott and Chad all went. They are not back yet, but I think it was nice for them to get away, hang out and relax alittle bit. I do know that they ate at some really good places. I'm a little jealous.
That is what is going on in our little world. Not too exciting. But we are alive and kick'n.