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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Lubbock

This year we actually stayed here in Lubbock for Thanksgiving Day. I got off from work late Wednesday night and I work early Friday morning so it would have been a REALLY fast trip. Our plan was to sleep late and do nothing, but that didn't happen. Well part of it did and part of it didn't.
Since I've been getting up pretty early, I woke up wide at awake at 7:30. I went ahead and got up and watched the episode of Prison Break that I feel asleep in last night. I was such a nice wife and let him sleep. We sat around here, talked to our families and then decided to go watch a movie. After that we drove around Lubbock and looked at houses. We looked in this one area but it is WAY WAY WAY out of our price range, but it was fun to look at. Its called Vintage town homes. The website is You should check it out. This area looks like it should not be in Lubbock! Its a really nice area but way way way way way way way way way too expensive!
It was weird being away from our families today. Knowing that they are all in one house watching football and eating. I guess I realize more and more the older I get how truly thankful I am for all of my family. Last night when we decided not to go and stay here I really almost cried. Only because I've never not been around some part of my family on Thanksgiving. It made me appreciate and be even more thankful for them. And appreciate Chad more. We had a great time hanging out, watching tv, relaxing together. Since we've been in Lubbock we haven't had a weekend or a day to do nothing by ourselves. It was a good day overall but I even learned alot with just the two of us here. It is when you are away from your family you realize how incredible they all are! We love ya'll!

As we drove around looking at houses, we stopped and took this picture!

This was our Thanksgiving meal. We were going to do chicken fried steak, but we didn't want to go to the store. So we has soup right as the cold front came blew in!

Pearl is alive and kick'n here in LBK!

After our GREAT thanksgiving meal that was cooked in about 15 minutes!

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh yea....we put up are Christmas stuff. Well....we only have room for our stockings! But they are up!

Visitors and DNow

The weekend before Disciple Now here we had two visitors. Katelyn and Kasie came up to see us. They got here Friday night and we really sat around and watched TV. We got them hooked on Prison Break. YES! We had a great time hanging out and not doing alot! Saturday Leslie came up and we (the girls) went shopping. Chad stayed home and watched football. It was a fun weekend and good to see all three of them. Maybe we didn't scare them off and they'll come back to see us! I hope!

This past weekend was Disciple Now. This was the first one with Chad being the "big dog." Josh (Associate) had done a great job of getting things ready before we ever got here. It was a crazy three weeks before Dnow but it was a great weekend. I took off work at noon on Friday and helped Chad get things ready. It was weird being the "wife" but it was fun. Friday we had the guys from Midland lead worship (Woody, Dillow, Clayton, and Whit) and kick things off. Then students went to their houses. We (Chad, Josh, Woody, Whit and I) went around to some of the houses. The students had 2 sessions Friday night. We hit 7 houses Friday night. Saturday morning we started at 8am and got to all the other houses that morning. We ate breakfast as went from house to house! Every house had great food! Then at 1pm the students came up to the church and we had a worship service. Instead of having a speaker Chad lead the students in a prayer time. They prayed for the schools, their friends, and our nation in groups. Then they spread out all across the gym floor and had some time just by themselves. While they did that, there host home parents walked around and prayed the students. It was a great service. After the service they went back to their house and had their last session. Then they came back to watch the Tech and OU game. We had a huge party. Football, give aways, food, candy, games, and movies for those didn't want to watch the game. All in all it was a great party, but because of the way Tech played it was not some much fun. We cleaned up and headed to their houses and called it a night around the 3rd quarter. They came back to church Sunday morning for youth worship service then it ended by going to big church! It was a great weekend. We had great leaders that invested in our students. Looking back it was an incredible weekend and God moved in the lives of students, leaders, and host home parents!