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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Manual Labor Over the Break

We enjoyed a few days in Dallas over spring break. We left Midland on Monday and came back Wednesday. It seemed like we were gone for a really long time. It was nice to get away and hang out just the two of us. We shopped, watched a movie, and of course ate really good!
Thursday we just messed around here. Saw some friends and didn't do much.
Friday the hard work had only started. We decided to tile our bathrooms. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen is all tiled and so we decided to go ahead and do the bathrooms. We wanted to put in a pedal stool sink in the guest bathroom. Friday we started getting the guest bathroom ready to work on.
We torn out the sink, moved the pot, took out the mirror and then pulled up the vinyl floor. It was a chore. We got all that done and then we to eat at the Mehringers.
Saturday we tiled the guest bathroom and just took the floor up in the guest bathroom. It only took us about 2 hours to tile. CJ helped us. Amy, Topher, and Carter came over and went to get us Chick-Fil-A and then they left.
I decided to go ahead and paint our bathroom. That only took us about 30 minutes. It was pretty easy. Chad painted the trim. I painted the rest and taped. And I really hate taping.

By this time it was only 2pm. We couldn't stop then. So I went out and started trimming the shrubs in the front yard. Chad decided to start working in the back yard. We cut down all the ivy junk that had COVERED our backyard fence. This my friends, was a pain! Chad was on one side cutting the vines and I was on the other side pulling them off the fence. Our arms are all scratched up . We finally got this part done at 5pm or so. We tore up the yard. It looks so much better I have to admit! It actually makes the yard look bigger.

We took a sleg hammer to the arch we had that was by the gate so we could get in and out. Tearing this up was liberating! We both took turns at it. No lie...the sleg hammer was HEAVY!

We will grout the tile tomorrow. It is now 6:32pm we are clean and Chad is sleeping HARD in his chair!
This work thing is overrated but it looks good!