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Friday, September 14, 2007

40+Dr.Peppers and a birthday!

On Tuesday Chad took me out to eat for my birthday and gave my presents. His brother, my brother in law was going to be here on my birthday so he wanted to take me out before Shane got here. We went to eat and went to watch the MHS volleyball game. Oh yea...they came back and won 3 in a row and won. We left early. Stupid us!
While we were at dinner Chad told me I need to be at church on Wednesday night by 6pm and look nice. I didn't know what nice meant. Usually I come to church from school and I wear shorts and a t-shirt. He told me just wear jeans and a nice shirt. I got there and hung out with him for a little bit and then the door opened at the fellowship hall and Kim, Valeria, and Lesile were dressed cute and told me to come on! They took me out to eat for my birthday! We had a girl night and it was GREAT! I was completely shocked and didn't have a clue why Chad told me I had to look cute and be there at 6pm. But it was worth it!
So then on to Thursday. The actual birthday. I got to school just like every other morning before 7am. Yeah, I know that is early. I get there to turn the lights on, AC on, and get the volleyballs out. I sat at the scorers table and the first two girls show and hand me a Dr.Pepper from Sonic and said, "Happy Birthday Coach." I said, "Thanks" hugged them and started drinking it. Another girl shows up hands me a can Dr.Pepper and says, "Happy Birthday Coach." A minute later another girl and another Dr.Pepper. Then another girl and another Dr.Pepper. By the time 7:25 came around I had 24 Dr.Peppers that were in a can, one 2 liter, one from Sonic, and one from T&T. There was also a cookie cake in there too. I laughed alot and thought to myself this is pretty funny. I head to my classes and see that there are 2 more Dr.Peppers on my desk with notes from other teachers. I laugh again and don't think my about it. Then I start teaching my 3rd period class, there is knock on the door. I open it and am handed a Dr.Pepper and he said, "Happy Birthday Coach." This happens all during the morning. I went to lunch with Kim. I got back to school and walked in where the teachers are eating and then they pull out more Dr.Peppers and hand them to me. I got more during my afternoon classes. I think the total that I had recieved by 7th period was about 46 or so. I could be wrong. But I do know that is not coke machine in the building at Midland Christian that still has Dr.Peppers. They are all either at our house or in my classroom. I have never laughed so hard. I didn't know when it was EVER going to end. It was GREAT!
I didn't even have to clean up Pearl's poop this week.....cause its my birthday week!
It has been a great week and I have laughed alot.