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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Proud iPhone Owner

As of Friday I became an iPhone owner. It is actually a funny but long story....
Chad and I both have been wanting an iPhone but we refuse to pay that much for one. Our phones work great. But we had a friend (Aaron) who had an iPhone. His phone ended up one day getting washed. Meaning, it didn't work anymore. He got his phone as a gift and so didn't get insurance. When his phone got washed his options were mail it off, be without a phone and hope Apple could fix it. Or he could just go buy a new one. He decided to get a new one.
Aaron gave the phone to Chad to see if Chad could get it fixed or take it to an Apple store. We (Chad and I) happen to be Dallas over spring break and took the phone by an Apple store. Apple said they would charge us "some" (not the full price) and replace it. We said "GREAT!" But Apple put the phone under Chad's name with Aaron's phone number. However, they didn't activate it. So we have an iPhone and we are using it.
Chad and I both got Christmas money and he has been saving for an iPhone. I don't save and I bought some really cute clothes.
Chad used his money and bought the iPhone and I was bitter. But because Chad's phone is on the churches cell phone plan he didn't know if he could have an iPhone. So he waited to hear yes or no. The answer came and it was a "Yes" but he would have to basically pay for his own plan. (I don't know why but that is what he found out!)
Chad decided to let me have the iPhone and it would only make my plan go up by 20 bucks. So I went to ATT and got a Sim card and Aaron was at our house yesterday too. I plug in the phone to iTunes and (here is where it gets really interesting) it activated my phone but with his number. My phone became his phone and his phone wouldn't work at all. Now, my phone is his phone and his other phone doesn't work. We started freaking and didn't know what to do. We called Apple and the guy (his name was Matt) started laughing and thought it was the funniest story EVER! We had to then get transfered to ATT and get Aaron's phone working. His other phone not my phone working for him. So, we talked to a lady at ATT and we got his phone working after 45 minutes. Then we went back to Apple to get my phone working. We talked to another who was rude and he said he couldn't help us it was ATT fault. So we got transfered by to ATT. After another 45 mintues and telling the story a total of 4 times both of our phones work.
I lost all my numbers in the process. Went through 2 different Sim cards and have a sad husband all because of an iPhone.
It was pretty funny. All in all I have an iPhone. Aaron's phone works and Chad still has his old phone.
But because Chad paid for it with Christmas money, I have to give him the other money that I have saved. But I still have an iPhone!