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Friday, October 12, 2007

Volleyball, Basketball, School, Church, Husband, Brother/Sister-In-Law

We had 2 volleyball games this week. Monday we won, Thursday we lost, however we have made some major improvements. We are getting there. I guess we had better hurry up and get there since we only have 2 more games left! Thursday we went to Lubbock One girl forgot her shoes, one girl hurt her wrist in workout that morning, and then one girl failed and couldn't play. Needless to say, I my sub choices decreased fast Thursday night. The girls worked hard and played good overall. But a W is always better than a L.
Basketball is getting closer. We offically start workouts Monday. I tired to get us to workout on Sunday night at 12:01am. How fun would that be. But this whole they have to be at school on time kind messed up my plans. But we are starting Monday evening at 6pm. I will have a volleyball game and then head right over to basketball that night. It will be a long week going from 6-8:30ish every night. But I am ready for basketball.
School is good. I am getting use to teaching 3 different classes. I just have to be creative in motivating one of my classes.
Youth stuff is good. My girls that I have on Sunday mornings are GREAT! Chad and I have been to several Midland High volleyball games, football games to watch the band, and anything else in between that.
Chad is good. He is being ordained next Sunday. His mom is coming in on Tuesday and his dad is coming in Friday. Norm is doing the service. We are pretty excited. It will be good to see them.
Chad (brother) and Heather are getting ready to move to San Antonio. They are moving next weekend as well. We are not going to be able to help them move. They helped us so much when we moved and we can't make it to help them. Maybe they won't hate us. I'll get to see them in November when we have a basketball tournament in the San Antonio area. Heather is doing good. Soon and very soon we will have a nephew!
So is GREAT!