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Monday, December 24, 2007

On the road.....

When we left Robert Lee we headed east to see Chad's family. We got outside of Abilene Pearl (dog) threw up on me. It was pretty nasty! We stopped in Fort Worth and I went into a mall and found NOTHING! Then we got outside of Rockwall, I drove. Chad slept and that meant that I got bored driving. So I got my camara out and took pictures of us on the drive. I started eating Gobstobers and taking stupid pictures. I entertained myself while Chad slept!

Christmas Eve Gift

I have come to realize that my family is crazy and fun. We don't have many traditions when it comes to the holidays. My parents are very flexible when it comes to when we need to be at their house for Christmas and so on.
We basically have one tradition when it comes to Christmas. No matter where you are for Christmas is it a contest to see who can call and say "Christmas Eve Gift" first. Now that Momma Aud knows how to text, she thinks that texting will count. I completely disagree. I call my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents all to say "Christmas Eve Gift." Growing up I didn't know why we did this but we always did. We read in an article a few years ago about other family's that did this same thing. The point of this is if you lose or are the last one to say "Christmas Eve Gift" then you are suppose to give the person that beat you to saying it a small gift. We never once gave the gifts, but have always said it. When you call someone's house you had better know that you will lose because my family answers the phone on Christmas eve and Christmas day with "Christmas Eve/Day Gift." So you will lose if you call someone. That's just the facts! That is the one tradition that we have and will always have.
Chad and I got to Robert Lee on Friday night at about 9ish. I'll be the firs to admit that I didn't get we didn't get my parents anything huge or amazing but things that they would actually like. Or at least I thought they would like. I was so excited about the salt and pepper shakers that we got mom I made the open their presents as soon as we got there. Normally we would wait till Chad and Heather or Amy and Lacy got there. But we knew we would be the only ones there, so we did it RIGHT then! It was pretty funny! I laughed hard because I was so excited about salt and pepper shakers. How weird am I? My mom has started buying the Fiesta wear dishes and has still been using her old salt and pepper shakers and they don't match at all. I was glad to see that when we ate at their house the rest of the time we were there the salt and pepper shakers matched.
Mom made us take a picture in front of the fireplace. Chad was complaining that he was hot and we needed to hurry up!

One other tradition that we have as a family is when we leave notes for each other we sign, "ILU." That is short hand for us meaning, "I love you." My mom got ahold of my camera and wrote a note and then they took pictures of themselves!

Our time in Robert Lee was short but really GREAT!

Christmas in Midland

Since Chad and I would be leaving on the 21st we decided to do our Christmas on that Thursday the 20th. We went to eat and then we went to Starbucks and got something to drink. We then drove around in Grasslands to look at Christmas lights. Then we went home and had our Christmas together.
Chad had been asking for an electric razor since we got married. Supposely his didn't work very well. I have always said that buying a razor is not a FUN gift. He actually got it this year. Plus a golf bag, shoes, hoodie, a nerf gun (I'm an idiot for buying that), and a cap. I got some clothes, notebook, cook book, a couple of necklaces.
After we got done doing Christmas we watched Lost on dvd and then made some chocolate covered pretzels. We had a great night and and it was very relaxing!