The Melton's

Invest and Impact

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We went by our house this past weekend and we say TILE!!!!!!!!!! OH YEA!!!!!!!! We both got really excited. It seems like they have done alot lately.
All the cabinets are in. As of Saturday the counter tops for the bathrooms were not in yet. All the tile is done. Even around the fireplace. I drove by tonight with my dear friend Lissa saw the tile around the fireplace. Ceiling fans were in two bedrooms. Its pretty exciting!
I talked to the guys at the house yesterday and we scheduled the closing date! WOOHOO!!!!!! June 5th, at 10am we are closing! I'm super pumped and can't wait! Its exciting! We both are completely ready. And trust me our little dog needs a back yard so she won't chew up things anymore!
These pictures were taken on Saturday.