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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Bit Of This And That...

Before we moved to Lubbock we had the chance to go see our families. When we were in Texarkana we got to see Brayden, our nephew play football. It was funny watching him. His dad, Chad's brother, Shane is one of his coaches. It was interesting to watch! Not alot of scoring!

On Tuesday I made a mad dash to Midland to hang out with one of my friends. Leslie had a rough week so I went down and we ate dinner and just did whatever. We went to Target and found footy pj's for adults! It was amazing. Now that I live in Lubbock and we haven't turned on our heater, I think I would pay some BIG bucks for those!

Then Saturday afternoon Chad, Heather, and Caleb came to see us. Well, Heather and Caleb came to see us. Chad had a ticket to the Tech and OSU game. So we got to play with Caleb and catch up with Heather. It was/is (they are here right now) to see them. We miss them alot! But glad it is a short distance from Midland to Lubbock. Man, Caleb is growing fast. He is crawling like crazy and is walking when you hold his hands. He is fun though!

While my brother Chad is at the game we are sitting here in the apartment watching the game. It has been a good weekend.
Still no job for me. I am going to a couple of places Monday to apply. My mom sent me an email this week and it basically said, "The job will come, after you have been on your knees." Wow! Thanks Mom! At first I kind of took it personally, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how I have been worried about a job and not on my knees about a job. So I've tried to obey my mom, even if I am 25 years old. She has wisdom that I don't have. One day maybe I will have the wisdom that my mom has. But for now, I'll be on my knees praying for a job and praying for our ministry here in Lubbock.