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Saturday, September 6, 2008


On Monday night (Labor Day) Donnie was put into the hospital because of an infection in his foot. It turns our to be in his in ankle joint. The doctor did surgery Monday night and then they watched the infection to see if it was getting better.
Heather, Caleb and I left Midland Tuesday morning and headed to San Angelo to be moral support. We left here and it took us a little longer than expected. The reasons, however, I am not able to discuss in a blog. Although that in itself is a funny part in this story!
Anways...we got there and actually didn't even plan on staying the night. Donnie wasn't have a great day and his foot was hurting and mom wasn't leaving hospital. So we stayed to be my moms mom and make sure she was taking care of herself. We went to Target and got some clothes and managed to stay at Slade and Laura's house. Thanks guys! On Wednesday we hung around the hospital and made sure he was doing better before we left.

I went back to school on Thursday and Friday. Then on Friday they ended up doing another surgery. The doctors aren't sure where the infection is coming from. But hopefully this will be the last time they have to do surgery.

Labor Day

I had never really that on Labor Day holiday it actually meant LABOR! It meant hard core labor this year for us. I had to work at the pool one last time Saturday and Sunday, so Monday we worked hard around the house. I decided to paint the back bedroom. Chad decided to finish the door project. We painted doors and spray painted the hardware on the doors. Now, we had to put about 4 coats of paint on each door, but we got it done. It took some time. In the middle of our work, our light bulbs went in the living room. The ceiling fan was old and we couldn't even take the light bulbs out. It was weird so we decided to go ahead and buy a new one. So...putting that ceiling fan together took awhile for Chad to do but he did it. While did that I continued to paint!

After our hard day of LABOR, we ended the day by heading over to On The Border to eat CJ and Amy. We had a good time eating and hanging out with them.