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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rain and more rain...

Over the past 2 days it has rained like you could not believe. Chad decided to go into the office a little later today because he was leaving this afternoon for the youth choir trip. We got up and started getting ready only to find the carpet in our closet and guest bedroom was wet. The area that was wet wasn't huge but you could totally tell that it was soaked. We got out the fans and started to dry out the different areas. I was in panic mode thinking great....this is gonna cost ALOT! But, Chad talked to the maintance guy at church and they said that it was probably just a little crack in the slab and when it rains this much it soaks through the crack. Basically, that is code words for wait, dry it out, and see if this ever happens again. We got the fans going and it is drying out pretty fast.
As I was in panic mode because of our little issues...I realized that we were by far lucky compared to some people. On my way to school this morning I saw easily 4 houses in a row on Northup Street that had the carpet out in the yard. There were many houses that were flooded completely. We were lucky compared to some people in the town. The city has been pumping the water out of some of the streets in our neighborhood to a little creek thing. There is so much water here.
Once I actually got to the gym for a volleyball meeting.....the gym lobby had about an inch of water in it. The 4 of us volleyball coaches got out the brooms, mops and whatever else we could find to get the water out of the lobby. It took a awhile....but we got it done. I walked over to the High School once we were done with the meeting, and needless to say the whole school was underwater. On my hallway every classroom had water in it, even the computer labs. They were using anything they could find to get the water out. Our poor janitor staff had just waxed all the floors......they are going to have to redo them.
Bates and I went back up to the gym tonight to make sure there wasn't anymore water and as of tonight we are good!
There is water though everywhere in this town!
My advice, take an umbrella.
The next exciting news is that Chad and I might be getting a dog. I found some that we like in Abilne and we might be driving there on Saturday to get a miniature pinscher.
Not sure yet on this whole thing. It was suppose to be for Chad's birthday and I was going to get it before he got back from Ecuador. That didn't happen but we'll see about this. We might be dog owners on Saturday!
Got a house and what else do we need...a dog! We'll keep you updated!