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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parenting 101

I decided to be the best parent in the world the other day. I put Lillee in swing and decided we would have the "talk." Since she can't argue or talk back or give me attitude I thought we would go ahead and have the talk about boys, dating, sex, and everything else you are suppose to talk your kids about. So many times it ends up being hard to have the talk with them, I just thought we would go ahead and get it out of the we did! This is all in Parenting 101. I recommend that all parents have this talk with their 2 month old!
Here are things we now have an understanding about:
1. no talking back
2. no rolling of the eyes
3. no arguing
4. there will be a curfew
5. no dating until you are 29
6. you will go to college and major in something you can actually use (lesson learned from me on that one)
7. don't count on us being rich at all
8. there will be an interview process when you do start dating at 29
9. boys 4 years old and younger have cooties....stay away from them!
10. we love you and only want the VERY best for you!
Since we had this talk, we have nothing to worry about later on in life. We just keep loving on her and praying for her!